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Meet JoAnn Miller

Welcome to my website. I am honored that you are here!

I have been on a conscious metaphysical journey since the death of my beloved father in 1985. I was at the public library shortly after his transition when a book literally fell into my hands. "You Will Survive After Death", by Sherwood Eddy, validated thoughts I had entertained for years. I remember sitting at my kitchen counter eating a salad, drinking a glass of wine, and crying as I read this book. It reassured me that just as the Indians believed and I agreed, everything has a consciousness: even rocks and trees. Life truly goes on after we leave the earthly costume we have chosen this time around. This was a huge validation for me and left me with a sense of peace, excitement, and a thirst for more information.

And that information flowed into my reality after the initial door had been opened. Everything I read seemed to be jogging my memory instead of being new information. I would read something and think, “ I know that is true, how could I have forgotten?” And so the real journey had begun. 

Communicating with the Other Side began for me through automatic writing. Then I spent a few years not writing, having decided I’d made it all up! I attended a life changing workshop conducted by a student of Doreen Virtue. This workshop led to further opening of my psychic channels and more clarity in the messages I received. I know that my Guides and Angels have played a big role in my accessing the books I needed to read and the classes I needed to attend. They have also been instrumental to my acceptance of my own worthiness and trusting in the information I am given.


Years ago I completed a Soul Profile and Clearing course with Professional Intuitive Andrea Hess. This has opened vast new doorways for me involving soul history.  As a result, I offer my clients even more assistance in reaching their life goals.  Knowing where we come from and why we are here is instrumental to attaining fulfillment.  Clearing away blocks, past life issues, and negative attachments help to make this lifetime the joyful experience it was meant to be.


Regardless of what I was doing to earn a living, metaphysics was always on the front burner of my mind. As impatient as I have always been, it seems that all the studying, research, classes, and personal experiences have come together with Diving Timing. Finally ... I can offer my services to you.

Isn’t that what we all want ... to be of service; to feel that we are walking our own perfect path while making a positive difference in the lives of others?


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