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A Branch of the Tree of Paradise that Manifests as Peaceable!

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Children who reside at Peaceable will have a phenomenal life. (I am describing my dream of the community of Peaceable; in truth ALL children will now get to be children and enjoy all these same wonderments!) Imagine, if you will, an environment that supports individuality in every single person including the children. Learning is based on interest and hands on experiencing of a subject. There will not be a curriculum as in “school”. Every adult is a teacher of that which is their passion.

Children will learn very early about responsibility and service to the community; this concept being a natural result of living in an environment whose motive is peace. These children will blossom as they are accepted for who they are and will soon be “teachers” in their own right; and as adults we stand to learn a good deal from them.

Nature, the great outdoors, will once again become a major part of their lives. Opportunity to understand and remember their connection to all that is will play a huge role in opening them up to who they truly are. They will know that they have value and purpose in this world. Camping out under the stars, exploring the wooded areas that are a part of Peaceable, learning about the wild life, plants, trees, animals, etc, is only a whisper of the whole story. Tree houses abound throughout the community and the children have been active participants in the construction! They will have time to utilize their imaginations; exploring that which interests them while simply playing! We will see astounding adults manifest from these free children.

Any workshop or class being held is always open to interested children; their input appreciated. Technology is amazing, far surpassing even our current access to information. The real excitement is that the information will now be truth and this truth is available to everyone! The children and young adults will have the opportunity to participate in the care and loving of a group of their peers who came to this planet with special needs. This brings us to another branch of our Tree of Paradise called Peaceable.

A big limb of Peaceable is the Center for Special Needs children. These souls are mostly old souls who chose to incarnate for the growth of others. All will be healed along with their care-givers!! Horses are a large part of this work as well as freedom from “societal parameters” and nutrient filled food and water. Hyperactive individuals will never be asked to sit in a desk or chair for any amount of time. Communication with those who are unable to speak or care for their own personal needs will be through the mind. As I said, souls who opted to come into this life with these challenges are very old, experienced and spiritually advanced souls. They are here to assist us in our growth and to remind us that miracles happen every single day!! Up until now many of them have experienced a horrific amount of abuse. This could have been to satisfy karma for themselves and/or others. Now, they heal here at Peaceable and at many other such Centers across our planet.

It must be obvious to all of you the number of people with assorted passions that will be welcomed and needed here; including but not limited to teachers, cooks, play-mates, custodians, grounds keepers and counselors. Everyone involved in this Center will have immense love to share with these special souls but should be prepared to be inundated with amazing love in return. This exchange of unconditional love is what will unleash miracles for all involved!!

This center will offer freedom of choice to every single individual. The setting will allow each to pursue their particular passion or passions. Teachers will be available to assist each in discovering the information desired; teachers will be happily learning along with and from these amazing souls. The time frame is as unique as the individuals involved.

The same opportunities are available to those living at the Center as to the rest of Peaceable, from yoga and art classes to gardening, farming, cooking, animal care and everything in between. Students will become teachers and vice versa. Everyone will be a teacher in their specialty for those who want to learn the same.

Technology has been released that will add to the joy of learning for all involved. This technology will open immense freedom to those who have been unable to communicate their needs and desires due to physical and/or mental handicaps. This same burst of new technology will also aid in the healing of so-called “hopeless” physical conditions. I ask you, “Is this not the most wonderful news?!”

Are any of you envisioning yourselves living and participating in this or a similar community? Is this idea exciting anyone else like it is me? Do any of you have butterflies in your stomach or a smile in your heart so big that it is about to erupt as joyous laughter? The last question is the biggee, because Peaceable will incorporate a whole lot of laughter!!!


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