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Anger and Grief…..Bedfellows?

For World Peace to become a visible reality, we have to be at peace with ourselves.   I suspect you have heard this many times and just kind of rolled your eyes.  Maybe your response was, “yea sure, I’ll be peaceful when so and so does this, or when I have that windfall I have been asking for forever, or when hell freezes over!”   I am here to tell you it is worth your effort to really examine where you are not peaceful.  World Peace is a reality and is going to happen, actually is happening as we speak, with or without you.  I am pretty sure that you are a part of this event.  After all, it is why we all clamored to be here on Mother Earth at this time.

My non-peaceful nemesis has always been anger.  I have worked and worked on this; *EFT being the biggest assist in identifying the source but still………rage raises its head too often and without notice!

I am always questioning something bigger than myself about this and sure enough have been given wonderful information. The other day I saw a post on Face Book that said basically, I finally got intimate enough with anger to realize it was grief.   This went directly to my heart.   Then, just last night as I was reading a novel, I came across this passage quoted from Macbeth, “give sorrow words; the grief that doesn’t speak, whispers o’er the fraught heart and bids it break.”

It occurs to me that grief started early for me.  I could feel the disappointment around me when, as the first born, I was a girl.  I could sense the disgust toward my mother from my father’s mother, for not giving her son the boy the family needed. All this was before we left the hospital!   I seldom focus on this, but it is grief that has been carried forward.

I am so grateful for this, leg up, so to speak.  Now I know where to go with my* EFT practice.

Peace for all!!


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