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"Being" Co-Creators

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

I speak a good deal about all of us being co-creators of our own realities. I know this is difficult information for some to wrap their minds around. Some of the responses are, “why would I put this heart-ache into my life?”, “Why would I opt to be here in this political climate?” “I would never have opted for these health issues!” The list goes on and on and I get it. But……….it is virtually impossible to change your life, your reality, until you can accept responsibility for it. Many have arrived at this place……kind of.

It is easier and carries less responsibility to accept that some things are beyond your control. Oddly, this is true until someone dies and so often, I hear, “if only I would have done this or that, they might still be here,” as if you were suddenly so powerful, you could make that decision for them!

In actuality, it is our power that scares us, not the lack of the same. We have experienced lifetimes of giving our power to others; religions, doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc.

We have been drowning in lack of self-worth and self-esteem and are now struggling to get to the surface of the truth that is flooding our souls.

Most of us know the drill of co-creating; manifesting. You focus on the outcome you desire, feel the emotion of being in this space, release it, and follow your nudges of intuition.

Here is the wake-up call. We know it works because look at the world we live in.

We watch the news, read the news, focus on the “horrible things that are occurring”, discuss it with whomever else is feeling the same way and we enter into the fear, (sorrow, anger, etc.…. all are fear.) So, we definitely have the emotion behind our focus. Think about how many others are doing this same thing and BOOM, we have assisted the dark in manifesting their reality of fear!

This is how we have been controlled for lifetimes.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t be compassionate. Remember, there are no victims; we all agreed to the blueprint we are living. We don’t get to judge someone else’s chosen experiences. We can simply be there for them in their suffering without taking in on as our own.

When I say, “we are the change, we are the creators of a new world; a peaceful world, Paradise,” I am not coming from hope. Not a bit; in fact, I think the word, hope, is rather negative as it allows for what you don’t want. I am coming from KNOWING! If our focus is on peace, love, kindness, abundance for all, that is what we create. It starts with each of us. Simply look around you in this present moment. What do you see? What do you hear? This is where we create from; this is all there is…………the present.

So please join me in creating this amazing new Earth. Take back your power and assist others in the journey to peace that is occurring this very moment. It is a happy place to be!! Find your peace within and it will affect others simply by being around you. This is why we came to this planet this lifetime. We are here to awaken to our true selves and create a peaceful loving home on Mother Earth!


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