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Broadcasting - Spring - Easter

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

My walk yesterday morning was filled with joy. The birds were vocal in their announcement of spring and the lawns and flowers were communicating their spring statements with the vibrancy of their colors. I was contributing with gratitude and by broadcasting the Golden Light that fills me.

Broadcasting, as if I were spreading seed upon a field, or mulch to a garden, or feed to the chickens, by hand or with a spreader. It occurred to me at that moment…… we are the broadcasters!

It is so simply and yet the most powerful work possible. Simply picture the golden light that fills you shining out through every pore of your body. This light expands all around you and out to the Universe, saturating everything quickly and perfectly. Visualize this and then KNOW that it is happening constantly, whether you are at work, taking a walk, cooking, showering, driving, etc. YOU ARE THE BROADCASTER!

When you have days that you feel a bit “off”, then immerse yourself in your own light. I also greet the sun first thing in the morning and whenever I think about it throughout the day allowing it to fill me with it’s liquid, golden light.

We are all the broadcasters of the light and the light brings World Peace! Are you ready to reclaim your power? Just say yes and shine your light!

Happy Spring!

Happy Easter!

Happy Broadcasting!


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