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Dare to Dream!

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Dare to Dream!

It is scientifically proven that our planet is moving faster than ever before. When we comment on time going so fast, it is fact. Even children notice; an example is the young boy who told his mother he liked Christmas a lot more when it didn’t come so often.

September has always been my favorite month. Life changing events, both joyful and sad, have always occurred for me in the fall of the year. Therefore I always go into September with feelings of expectation and anticipation. This year feels even more special because it is bigger than me; it is a global expectation of peace and all that this revelation encompasses.

Imagine, if you will, life without worry about your loved ones. Who among us doesn’t know someone in an unhappy or abusive relationship, someone affected negatively by alcohol or drugs, someone working but not making enough money to enjoy life? The phenomenon of peace changes all of this ego-based drama. Everyone will be able to break free of societal parameters about what is proper and what is possible and live their own personal passions. We will all be able to fill that “void” lurking within us with joy instead of attempting to deaden the emptiness with alcohol, drugs, interference in others dramas, and judgment of that which is going on around us.

I am hearing, “give me some proof; show me the money”. There is loads of information out there. In case you haven’t found time to check out the web-sites that were in my first blog, I will bring you up to date on some events that are happening but aren’t being reported on the mainstream news.

There are over 100,000 indictments ready to be served on those guilty of war crimes and banking fraud. Several countries have released all classified documents regarding UFO information. UFO sightings are at an all time high and this is “on purpose” as our Galactic families prepare to appear on this planet in large numbers. We are being prepared for the announcements that are imminent. No one will miss them as that is all that will be newsworthy. We will be told the truth about the UFO cover-up, the truth about 9/11, and the truth as to our manipulation by our “government”. There will be immediate shock, denial, anger; all to be quickly overcome with joy as the NESARA announcements are broadcast.

It is all good and there is absolutely nothing to fear! Fear is how we have been controlled all this time. That is over.

So, come on, dare to dream!!! How does peace look to you? How would you live your life if you had no money constraints, no worries? Are you brave enough to even consider such a scenario? Knowing that all your loved ones are totally happy and living their dreams and passions frees you!! This really takes some thought as we haven’t dared to look that deep within because we didn’t want to be disappointed; we thought we had to “settle”, and be happy with less than what we truly would love to be possible. Isn’t it amazing that it takes some real concentration to get back to dreams that we once had? Go there, even if you still don’t believe it is true; give it a chance; see how it feels to dream again. Do it once and it will become easier and easier because it feels so good. Dreaming……this is an acceptable and highly recommended addiction!

Another branch on the tree of Paradise called Peaceable will be detailed next blog. Thanks for being here.


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