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Earthquakes and Such

On August 24, 2018, while on my early morning walk, I spoke a ceremony.  I called in my regulars; the Bird Tribes, Ancestors, animals, reptiles, insects, our Earth Mother Gaia and our Cosmic Mother Sophia.  All these and more, any high vibrational entity that cared to join me.  The intention I set was to dislodge all the warring energies still attached to this planet, whether in her memory or in her physical self.  As these energies were dislodged they were to be dissolved into the Light of the Christ, Universe, All That Is, etc.

When I do ceremony, I do not offer up the way in which my intention is to be carried out.  I leave the details to something far bigger than me.  In fact, I give that aspect no attention or thought at all.

When I offer an intention, I always preface it with, “if in the highest good of all involved” and then simply go forth and see the outcome only.  The outcome I visualized was a steady trek toward peace, World Peace!  I bless the entire ceremony/activation and go on with my life.

I found it interesting  a week or so later to see an article in FB dated August 27, 2018 citing that the previous week the Earth had endured 144 earthquakes, most at least 4.0, in the area of the Ring of Fire.  The author of this article was simply wondering why this event wasn’t newsworthy.

Yesterday I saw another FB post from Wed. the 29th of August, 2018, showing a picture of a mass of tornadoes N. of Minneola, KS.

It took me a few days to put two and two together. I guess earthquakes and tornadoes would “dislodge” old warring energies!!!  Interesting, don’t you agree?

There is a personal aspect to this.  The day after I spoke that ceremony/activation, I decided that I needed to do the same thing for me personally. I don’t know about you but when I am feeling’ good, it is my nature to do something that just might make me feel even better!!!  It’s almost like saying to the Great Mother, “I am feeling strong, so hit me with your best shot!”; five minutes later, I am crying my eyes out and saying, “oh, why me?”  I can say that I got to personally experience some earthquake, tornado and even hurricane emotions; all in the name of growing spiritually by releasing warring energies.  It has been several days and that is the only reason I can speak to this in a grown up way.

My point is, this planet is changing and so are we.  There is some greatness moving in on us and the clearer we are as to WHO we are, the more we are going to love this!!

Peace and Joy to all of us!


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