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Friends, Family & Tribe

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

March 28, 2019

A life changing dilemma came full circle to a glorious understanding for me over the past few days.

I spent the weekend with life-long friends; one of whom I shared a crib with before I was even one year old. We make a point to get together a couple times a year and I love my time with them. I have always known and accepted that we don’t agree on many things. I was mostly the “out there” one but always felt I filled an occasional need in the group, even though they weren’t dying to hear my opinions on most worldly goings on. It bothered me on this trip.

My family support a broad range of belief systems; a few accept who I am in the moment or at least try to do so. Becoming constitutes change and that can be challenging for those around you. Others see me as the same person with whom they grew up. This enables their opinions of who I am; who I have been in their lives to stay the same. Some find comfort and some find righteousness in this stance. It keeps them in a “comfort zone” they recognize.

Friends and family; I love them beyond words. I finally understand their attitudes toward me are not about me…. but all about them. That takes the discomfort, the hurt feelings on my part off the table. I am free to love them for who they are while being who I am. It is that simple!

Now…………my tribe! These are those who enjoy a comparable path. Do we agree on all things? Nope, but we do agree that we came to this planet to make a difference. We support each other in our assorted purposes, even in assisting each other in finding those purposes. Most of us carry no previous history; our relationship is in the NOW. We understand the importance of what we are doing, and how that is bringing the entire planet into a better space.

I do not have to totally disconnect from those who aren’t walking my talk; I can enjoy and love them for who they are while making my path my priority. My work is based around peace, both world and personal and being of service to both. I believe that I have just been in peaceful service to myself after years of sadness around relationships.


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