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Hope vs Knowing

When I speak to people of my “knowing”, that peace is imminent, they get excited.  But they don’t trust that excitement, so they respond with, “well, I certainly hopethat you are right.”  This tells me that deep down; they do not have any hope for peace in this lifetime. The word hope leaves room for doubt.

Peace is a CHOICE!  We are all co-creators of our lives and of what we experience on this planet.  If anyone is waiting for peace to be handed to them by someone or something else, they may wait for a long while.  Our thoughts determine the outcome of this experience we are all having together.

If you are serious about wanting World Peace, then start seeing what it looks like and how it feels to you!   My version is that every soul on this planet is enjoying nutritional food and water, has a comfortable home and the means to pursue their passion.   I focus on the desired outcome; NOT on the how.  There is the Universe, God, Goddess, All That Is, however you choose to phrase Source, which is far more qualified to handle the details. All we have to do is visualize and feel the outcome. 

This process is simple, yet not easy, because we have to set our ego aside.  We have to get past the belief that we, as individuals, are not powerful. When, in fact, we are perfection!!

We create exactly what we focus on because each of us are powerful manifesters.

Spend a day truly listening to what words flow forth from your mouth and to the thoughts constantly regurgitating in your mind.  Then look around and see what you have created.   The following day, make a concerted effort to speak and think positively.  You could even add generosity of spirit to the mix; a kind word, a random act of kindness, etc.  See the difference at the end of the day.   Focus on this mindset until you no longer have to, and then……………. Be amazed!!


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