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Invisibility and Aging

Surely I am not the only seventy year old, (the new fifty, by the way), that has felt a bit invisible for awhile.  Actually, it began before I turned fifty and I noticed that I was no longer turning heads when I walked into a room, restaurant, etc.   It was a real eye-opener when I entered a restaurant with my daughter and grand-daughter.  I was free to watch people watch, (as they were not looking at me), both of my down line. I am laughing as this was a long time ago.

But, on a more serious side, the mature in this country are truly invisible.  If you go to a beauty shop, doctor’s office, hospital, or restaurant, you are instantly stereotyped!  There is little respect and virtually no interest in the wisdom we carry; and we carry a good deal of wisdom.  Lifetimes of wisdom and it is all coming together in this very lifetime, right now!

There is a lot going on in this world that most have no clue about. That is because it is being kept from us on a public level.  The news feeds are putting out what the powers that be want the people to know.  They certainly aren’t covering the peace movement, the acts of random kindness that are happening daily, or the fact that all is getting ready to change for the better!   It is happening and there is plenty of room for the expertise of the mature in this country to play a leading role in the new world; in


More to come!


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