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It is a new world!

Windancer Musings

We are in the time of a new world creation.  The exciting part is that we are playing a huge role bringing this to pass.  We signed up for this, with great excitement, as we created our blueprints for this lifetime.  We knew we would “forget” this as we came onto this planet, but we also planned for target “wake-up” calls at the appropriate time.

There is a tsunami of Light coming onto and into our Mother Earth.  Due to this amazing Light, our vibrations are raising.  Everything is vibration; rocks or the table you sit at, or the car you drive simply vibrate at a slower rate than the human body, for example.  One result of this is that negative situations are being uncovered for us to see; things that have been going on for a very long time are now visible.

Amazing, positive events are happening as I write this, but my purpose is to explain a bit about our role in the manifestation of Paradise on Earth.

We are co-creators of our realities.  The first thing we need to get clear about is, “how does Paradise on Earth “look to us.  Once that is established, (you can change it up at any time) then that is where your focus lies.

The current world, according to the brain washing media, is probably not how anyone taking the time to read this, views Paradise on Earth. Where in lies your focus is where you send your power. That is how fear is created and how it takes away your personal power.  The only truth is your view of the world.  Look at your daily life.  Do you have plenty to eat, a roof over your head, a hot shower, enough money to make choices such as dinner out, or a trip?   In that case there is absolutely no purpose in saturating your mind with what you don’t want!

Everyone came here to make a difference.  Is it worth hanging with the naysayers when it diminishes your purpose?  Call in, through your heart, those who resonate with your truth.  Simply ask, and then be aware of what signs or clues come into your reality.  It is truly Living the Magic.

Questions that you would like answered in my next Musings?  Please e-mail me at   If anyone reading this simply wants to argue or comment negatively, please don’t; simply remove me from wherever you might be receiving this.   That way, we simply agree to disagree; no harm, no foul.  We are all One and Love always prevails.


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