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It’s All About the …………… “Bats!”

Sooo, it’s not that I am a slow learner, but sometimes I have to see something a lot before I go, “oh yea, that’s for me!”    Friday through Tuesday of last week was filled with bat information.  It started with a discussion on the golf course between my husband and a friend; rabies being the topic.  We traveled to this same friend’s cabin and slept outdoors where we saw a bat or two flying around. A day later I heard the expression, “bat shit crazy”, then started reading a book where the Grandfather of an African Tribe told a story around the bat.  That evening when my husband went to uncover the grill and move it away from the cabin wall, there was a bat bedded down!!!

It is time to understand a message that may be meant for many of us, but for sure for me.  The bat, according to many sources, talks to transition and initiation. This certainly sounds like what is happening in our world and our personal lives.   I read where transition can imply the loss of one’s faculties if unwary of change.  But it also promises rebirth and coming out of the darkness.    The Shaman’s Death speaks to facing your greatest fears; it may be time to die to some aspect of your life that is no longer suitable for you.

It seems to me that the overall message is to face your fears and prepare for change.    I see change as good and love getting validation from all around me as to that truth.  Sometimes the signs come as animals, numbers, books, songs, and even overheard conversations.  All this is proof positive that we are not alone.  We just need to pay attention.

Peace, Now and Forever!!


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