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Off my Game

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

March 5, 2019

I tend to write only on my best days. I am going to change that today as I think many will relate to what I am experiencing.

I woke up later than usual and my body felt extremely heavy. It was a huge effort to get through my early morning yoga practice. I was so stiff, my head hurt just a little and a feeling of sadness was lurking; but I kept going, even managing a fifteen-minute meditation. I felt a bit better as I headed to the kitchen for my morning celery juice and various chores.

I baked cookies and today was my latte’ day, so all seemed to be looking up; just not quite as energetic as usual. Then my phone rang……………I had just missed my sauna and massage appointment. Never, never, never do I make a mistake like this. So, let’s add beating myself up to today’s equation.

I feel better already for simply writing all this down. I just took a twenty-five minute very brisk walk, and then came back and took sweet Ruby, the dog, for a ten-minute walk. It is 27 degrees and the sun is shining. I absorbed the golden Light of the sun as if I were parched. I asked for assistance and the signs popped up everywhere in numbers and I know there will be more signs through out the day, now that I am remembering to communicate!

Long story short…. I am back on my game.

The lesson I learned AGAIN, take care of yourself always, but even more on “off” days. Especially since the fact you feel off is probably because you are upleveling and possibly did a major uplevel during the night.

The number one Principle of Peace that makes up my World Peace Movement; LOVE YOURSELF, just manifested itself into my day.

Love and Peace to all!


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