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Onward and Upward

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

The weather in my current area in CO was very conducive to eclipse watching on the night of Jan. 20th. I wrapped up in a blanket and braved the 35 degree weather to watch the final throes and it was worth it. As it was also a super wolf moon it was only fitting to howl a few times; quietly as we have very close neighbors. All was well!

Until the next day which was yesterday. I decided to do a new project on my laptop and it didn’t go well. Computer frustration is always a strong catalyst for me to have a huge clear out; always around anger!! For the next three or four hours, I was a mess; nothing I did turned out well, I cried, I tapped and I took a 15 minute nap. Then, right about dinner time, everything lifted. Dinner turned out to be a big success. I figured out, with a bit of assistance, my project and actually finished it around 9:30 pm, before the deadline on the special price!

My point is that this happens to all of us! It is not a sign to quit or that we haven’t made progress. There is so much powerful light flooding this planet right now that any heavy energy hiding within us is going to bust out. And really…………..isn’t that great? (Granted, I may not have admitted to this yesterday!)

Today, I feel lighter, ready to continue on my path, fulfilling my mission for the new earth; Paradise. I know many of you are doing the same. There is truly no way we can fail as long as we support one another.


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