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Peace Now!

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Welcome to my backyard, where I begin the Peaceful Prospects Blog. This quiet, beautiful spot has been my version of the “underground” for the past six to eight years. This is where I have hidden and protected such good news, fearful of sharing it and perhaps looking like a fool. I am certainly not the only one with this information, but I could reach people that are not yet aware. The time is now for anyone so inclined to get out the word of the great event that is in process on our Mother Earth. Knowing…..this is my gift; knowing without proof; without explanation of why “I know”. I came into this lifetime with certain knowledge stored in my cells. The challenge has been maintaining the faith to share the information and/or stand behind information that I read or hear from others that I “know” is truth.

As a child I had a sense that there was more to life than met the eye. I remember thinking, “Is this all there is; you are born, grow up, get married, have kids, get old and die?” I was raised a Catholic so had nowhere to go with these thoughts. They got lost in a bit of fear; “what if this is all there is?” So life continued and the regular diversions such as school, friends, marriage, and children kept my mind from over-thinking my “out there” thoughts. Then my Dad died and the books started coming to me that validated those early musings. One particular “knowing” that I carried with me was that everything, including rocks, water, trees, etc. had a consciousness. Books by assorted authors, both physical and channeled brought me validation and excitement knowing there was indeed more to life than what was visible to the naked eye. I realized that there were many who believed similarly to what I believed. It’s just that none of them happened to be my family or friends. Still, I felt empowered enough to speak out a bit and promptly became known as the “woo-woo” lady. I took it in stride and laughed. I don’t laugh anymore as it seems an inappropriate judgment and illuminates the fear of those who cast the stones of words by ridiculing that which they do not understand.

The most long-lived piece of “knowing” that I have held consistently is that we all came to this lifetime for a really profound reason. I knew there was an event that was to involve all of us. This idea was a frustration to me most of my life as I never felt that I was truly doing what I came here to do. I didn’t consider Divine Timing and as a result was not present in the NOW moments very often. I missed a lot of everyday special life events as a result.

There are, of course, many versions of truth even from those who are on this same path of belief. This is okay as true Spiritualists will tell you to take what feels like truth to you and make it yours and what doesn’t resonate for you, simply release it; no judgment necessary. The freedom is in no dogma; simply honoring all beliefs.

I know without a doubt that there will be peace on this planet in my lifetime. (I am sixty-one years old). I know that it is so close it can be felt, if a person simply goes beneath all the fear-filled media and lies that are force-fed the American public; if people are willing to open their minds to pure joy without fear. We have been brain-washed as to how hard and dangerous life is. Lies, lies and more lies keep the masses under the control of those who create the scenarios of plagues, disasters, disease, war and ugliness. All this is over, even as you read this, huge change is being orchestrated and very, very soon everyone on this planet will know the truth. Peace will manifest for all. No one is left out! Abundance for every single person comes with peace, of course. This is important so that we can all grow past the ingrained beliefs of “lack”; of there not being enough for everyone. This attitude of lack along with the “my way is the best way” mentality, coupled with greed is what has created war and the divide between the rich and the poor.

I just noticed how excited I’ve grown as I write this. (I am smiling so big that it is about to become a laugh!!) I truly hope that at some level, you feel at least the slightest quiver of the same. Maybe just enough to allow that maybe, just maybe peace is a possibility. Just consider; no abuse, no hunger, no sadness, no illness, no homelessness; everyone pursuing their passion with no worries about money. Regardless, consider being open to researching some of the web-sites that I will share later in this blog.

I have awakened to the fact that this information is the ultimate outcome of this lifetime for me and for others. I have to share all this good news. It will only manifest more quickly if I share the dream. Besides, there are many simply waiting on me to share the news (according to previously laid plans before this incarnation) as this information is the pre-planned catalyst for their own “awakening”. The “awakening” can be compared to coming out of a deep depression or coming out of a bad dream. Your first thought may be, “where have I been and what have I been doing and how did I forget my purpose?” The answer being, all is in Divine Timing and the time is NOW.

Each of us came in to this lifetime with a story. This is the final chapter, the happily ever after part that we thought only happened in fairy tales. Peace….global peace… that is the name of this final chapter. It begins within you and me and it manifests now, not in some far-off future. We are backed by a Heavenly Decree that has said, ENOUGH! Our Mother Earth cried out for help and was heard many years ago. The help was instantaneous and when the announcements come over the air waves all will change in the blink of an eye for us also.

This is why we clamored to be with Mother Earth at this time in the history of the Universe!! All the hardships are behind us…..only the joy awaits!

First, I want to bring you up to date on information I have gleaned from numerous sources on the internet, from books, and movies. All information has to be discerned with our own knowing. The information offered here feels like truth to me. You should be your own judge as to how the information “feels” and own what feels true and simply release any that does not resonate with you. Currently it appears that we are in some outrageously bad times. The good news is, the worse it gets the closer we are to the truth! There is a huge amount of activity behind the scenes in preparation for the announcements to be made to the public.

Our media has been very controlled and we have been given only the information that the government wants us to have. This, too, is about to change. If you Google Operation Mockingbird you will access the agreement between the CIA and the media made during the late 1940’s.

The announcements will include the facts about the UFO cover-up that has gone on for years all over the globe. The Galactics from other planets and universes are definitely on our side and have played a huge role in the upcoming peace that is to reign on this planet. These beings have actually been in contact with heads of governments all over this planet for as long as fifteen years.

The truth about 9/11 will be told and that will be a shock to many. We will also learn that only about 50 of our current Senators and Congressmen are to remain in office as the remaining have compromised themselves. There truly is not and never have been two major political parties. This was strictly a dog and pony show for the benefit of the masses. (No one is more controlled than a group of people who have been convinced they are free) These announcements will last for at least 36 hours. Everyone will be aware of these announcements.

Here is the kingpin, NESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act); is a bill that was passed by Congress on March 9, 2000 and signed into law by President Clinton on October 10, 2000, with the stipulation that the bill would be implemented by an official public announcement of the law. Upon Clinton’s signing of the law, the U.S. Supreme Court placed a gag order on NESARA until the public announcement would be made. Anyone who talked was under threat of death. All NESARA documents and records were placed and held in secrecy in the U.S. Supreme Court files. All information was removed from public, including that recorded in the Federal Registry. For this reason most people think NESARA is a fantasy.

The powers that be (or have been) known as the Illuminati chose not to end their goal of total control of the planet as previously agreed. (The majority of this group did indeed join forces with the Galactics, only some very greedy remnants chose to stay on their path of total ownership of the planet—main tool—FEAR) At this time, this group has almost totally been “taken care” of by our Earth Allies.

One of the biggest discrepancies on this planet is the distribution of money. That is another way of keeping the masses under control. There is never time to be looking at what is really going on in our world or doing what we truly want to do because we are busy making ends meet. NESARA changes all this and brings the U.S. back into a Country versus a Corporation, which it has been since it went bankrupt after the Civil War.

When NESARA is announced all debt will be forgiven; mortgage, credit card, bank loans, etc. We go to a metal-backed, monetary system. (This is set up and ready to go) Any money we have in the bank will be exchanged dollar for dollar. The IRS and the Federal Reserve will be gone. (They truly are illegal) There will be tax only on non-essential items. Every man, woman and child will experience abundance. You will love the new balance in your bank account! The ratio of money will be rebalanced to adjust for inflation so 10.00 will equal 100.00 and an item that would cost 30,000.00 will cost 3000.00. The entire purpose behind this is to erase the cellular belief in “lack” that we have sustained over lifetimes. After the initial buying spree and we find the “void” is still with us, we will be able to look at where our true passion lies and then we will understand!! We will walk our true paths with no concern over money; it will be in never ending supply and therefore not the bottom line in the determination of how we live our time on Earth.

Technology that has been kept from us will be brought forward, along with even more advanced technology to be gifted by the Galactics. Our air and water will be cleaned up immediately along with our food supply.

All wars will end immediately.

By the way, we are talking global here. No one gets left out. This is truly “Peace on Earth”.

All of this and more is on the brink of being brought to the public’s attention. My main message without going into further detail is, “do not be fearful!” This is why we are here; this is the moment we have been waiting for. I assure you that a good deal of work has been going on within each of us, physically, mentally and spiritually so to prepare us. Our so-called “junk” DNA is being reconnected as I write this.

This is simply an overview to bring a lot of you up to date on what is really going on in our world. You can access these web-sites to find loads of details. (Mark Huber),,,(Sheldon Nidle updates)


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