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November 12, 2018

Yesterday was 11/11/11 (2018 reduces to 11). The energies were perfect for amazing personal growth. Sometimes that amounts to releasing old emotions that no longer serve us. In fact, any unpleasantness that we are holding on to is slowing our progress to our destiny.

Today’s note from the Universe states, “Low days exist to remind us that we still have choices. High days exist to remind us of how fast we rebound…..among other things.”

Yesterday, for me, was a day of releasing and as a result, my attitude was not the greatest. One thing I have learned about releasing is that we don’t have to totally relive that which we are letting go. We aren’t letting go of memories, simply the emotion that those memories manifested. Forgiveness of ourselves is key.

Today is a new day, a day to live, love and go forth in gratitude. For we all have plenty for which to be grateful. High on the gratitude list for me is that we are in the midst of World Peace. It is closer than most imagine because it is not making the news. But this is truth; there are movements ushering peace onto the planet. These movements consist of us, the people who dare to picture peace, to imagine peace, to be peace and to KNOW that we are Peace!

The Sun has risen on a new day….. saturating Mother Earth and all her Inhabitants with Golden rays of Light. This Light absorbs all that is NOT peace, while filling the resulting spaces with healing! This is truth; this is our new world, our PARADISE!


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