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The Raven Speaks

The ravens stayed close today and were very vocal.  I picked up a pen and paper and went outside to listen.

“Out of chaos, comes calm”.

“We see all that is occurring around this globe and we spread the word.  All that is coming is actually here and it manifests on the same wind waves that we surf.  We are indeed vocal as the power of the word moves energy.  Even if you don’t think you understand; you are receiving the message at the perfect level for you. The message is MAGIC!”

“The activity on every level around the New Earth, around Paradise, is immense and glorious as more and more Light is showered upon Mother Gaia and her inhabitants. The profound peak of this experience is so close, that if you sit quietly, you will feel, hear, and sense the changes in the breeze. THIS IS REAL.”

“All is in order!!”


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