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Thinking Peace

It has not escaped my attention that when I mention world peace, many people’s eyes glaze over and/or they quickly change the subject.   It has occurred to me that most people have no model from which to create a picture of what peace would look like.  Makes sense…….this planet has been a warring planet for near on forever!

Here is how I visualize world peace.  I set the intention that every soul on this planet has good, nutritious food, sparkling clear water, a comfortable home and the means in which to pursue their passion. Then I imagine celebration, music, dancing in the streets, prayer circles, and laughter, so much laughter!!

Simple? I have found that the most important things in life can be simple; maybe not easy, but simple.  Not always easy; a change of mind is called for in order to create change and personal growth.  It means listening to our own heart instead of what the “so called”, powers that be, dictate.   Truly, it is time to begin listening to our own counsel, as we are amazing individuals with access to tremendous wisdom.

It is another one of those simple, but perhaps not easy, quests.  It requires taking time for ourselves, listening, really seeing, expanding ourselves, recognizing who we truly are by asking questions.  Who am I, really?  What did I come here to accomplish? Do I truly feel fulfilled?

I know I am worth all the effort it has taken to see a bigger, more joyful picture that wraps around sovereignty for all.  I know that you are worth it also.

Peace Works!


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