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We had some thunder last evening at the ranch.   I said to my Higher Self, “Tell me about thunder”. The following is what I was “given”.

“A wake up call; your ego is not able to control thunder. Doesn’t matter how organized, unorganized, big, strong, important or whatever; you are NOT in control.

On the other hand, you ARE powerful.  This power manifests outcomes when you decide what it is you desire and then let go of the “how”.

Thunder reminds all of this truth; loudly at times.  We can’t make it thunder; right?

Often, rain follows thunder.  Tears of relief, joy, anger, frustration; you choose.”

I am sitting here thirty miles from the nearest town and I have five, (5 means change and acceleration), hummingbirds, (these little sweeties mean “Joy”,) flying around our feeder.  So I am saying that my present and future tears are fed by joy and shed in joy.

I am currently in joyful anticipation with no expectations.  Life is good.  Peace is possible.


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