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Tis the Season....for Magic!

October 30, 2018

It is almost Halloween so what better topic than magic! At this time of year the veils lift a bit between this earthly plane and the Other Side. When combined with the fact that these veils are thinner than they have ever been due to the amount of Light being broadcast onto this beautiful Mother Earth; magic becomes very real.

I am talking the magic of everyday life; the magic that has been vying for more attention for a very long time. Finally, its efforts to assist us along our paths, is not in vain. Many are “awakening” to signs, signals, clues, and serendipities because the Light is creating clarity for them.

This can be so exciting if we “let go” and follow the incredible map being offered to us; guiding us to our pre-planned destinies. There is a group that I belong to that have been practicing saying “yes”, without proof. In essence, this is listening to something bigger than ourselves and following the signs.

The clues; the signs can be the appearance of particular birds around you, animals around you, finding coins in weird places, hearing a particular song and realizing it just answered a question you were thinking about, and numbers and number sequences are always talking to us. When you begin to pay attention, it is like learning a new language and life releases its feeling of,” ho hum, just another day.” You begin to be aware and to plan your days instead of just letting your days happen to you. There are loads of books out there for guidance to understanding some of the messages. Simply look for the ones that speak to you as those, too, are magical.

It’s Halloween, dare to be a little afraid and step into the power that is trying to awaken within you!!


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