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Trees and Money……A New Connection

I read a book some time ago talking about the language between trees.  It said that a forest or a group of trees acted as a self-sustaining community.  When there was plenty of moisture, they took only what they needed in order that there was enough for all.  If in abundance, the extra was held in storage.  If and when a dry spell or drought occurred they had a backup or survival mechanism.  They didn’t hoard, they didn’t go without, and they simply kept it circulating.

It is my truth that we have been brain washed as to our beliefs around money.

“Do you think money grows on trees? You have to work hard for money! Rich people are never happy! Rich people don’t go to Heaven! Easily gotten money is not good!” These are just a few of the stories I grew up with; these stories, even denied intellectually as I developed a mind of my own, created my cellular belief in lack.

We all have our own stories around money.  Here is the new truth.  Money is love, money is service, money is truth, and money is gratitude.  Money is created in our hearts. Our Soul’s Wealth is the money that flows when we are walking our destined paths, regardless of what that path is.

To circulate money and have it continually at our fingertips, we take some lessons from the trees.  We don’t hoard; that is fear based. We use what we need to be comfortable and fulfilled.  And we always have a reserve for when we take a break or a vacation or a marvelous opportunity arises.  When money is seen as love, there is no stress around it.  Abundance is our God-given right.  It is energy, nothing less, nothing more.  The trees don’t worry about having enough. They KNOW they are provided for and they manage their existence in a light-hearted and sensible way that benefits the whole.


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