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Valentine's Day!

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

This is my favorite holiday and that is because it is totally around love; love of self and love of others!

Valentine Day also taught me a valuable lesson.

When I first married Jerry, some fifty years ago, I was so excited because I had purchased a small gift for him. And it was small as we were poor! I waited until bedtime for him to produce a gift for me so I could give him his. Didn’t happen. I cried, gave him his gift, explained how I felt and was sure it would never happen again. He never got it. But I did. Here is the lesson, don’t depend on anyone else for your happiness.

Now, on this special day, I send cards to my children and grandchildren and sometimes even gifts. I schedule myself a massage or something else I love, and I buy myself a gift or gifts!

This year I made photo books of our Thanksgiving family reunion for the kids and grand kids. My daughter-in-law and I have planned a dinner of flat-iron steak, (for the meat eaters) and shrimp scampi and fresh asparagus. I made gluten and dairy free peanut butter cups for dessert along with chocolate dipped strawberries.

To top all of this, I have found Dry Farm Wines who make pure wine. With this wine there is no possibility of a hangover as they contain no sugar, are organic, and they add no extra ingredients. A bit expensive, yes; am I worth it, YES!!

I enjoy celebrating myself and those I love on this day! No expectations, no hurt feelings, just loving joy.

I wish the same for all of you!!

BTW, Jerry got a new golf club!


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