Soul Profile and Clearing

You will learn where your soul originated, your soul age in human years and your service to creator and training between lifetimes. This information defines why you are who you are and will validate some of your inherent beliefs. Any negative influences that may be restricting you from creating the life you desire will be addressed and cleared. This reading aligns you more precisely with your Soul’s highest path and purpose.  


Property Clearing

Everything can be located in the Akashic Records. Homes will carry energies of past inhabitants or even of the builders. Sometimes a deceased owner or occupant will continue to stay in a home. They simply need assistance in going to the Other Side. Land carries a specific assignment until a change is requested. A lot of land still carries the assignment of battleground, burial ground, sacred ground, etc. Obviously that is not in the best interest of a housing development or business. So if you are moving into a new home or office or if you are trying to sell a home without much success this reading will be beneficial to everyone involved!!

Soul Profile and Clearing and Property Clearing