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Psychic Services

How I Work 

When I communicate with entities on the Other Side I always do so in a private, quiet setting by myself.  I access the Akashic Records in your soul’s behalf.  The Akashic Records are the energetic library of the knowledge of all souls for all time. The records contain all events, actions, feelings that have occurred and may occur. It also contains the records of everything on Earth; property, homes, objects, animals, etc. These records are freely available to those seekers with pure intent. Upon completion of a reading I review what I have typed or written and verify and ask for more clarity if I think it may be helpful to understanding the message.  

All intuitive readings are done as an e-mail report. Questions and/or comments are welcome. They can be addressed via e-mail or by a 30 minute phone appointment also made by e-mail. Payment can be made through pay-pal. Life Situation Readings and Consultations can be done one on one over the telephone or in person.

"Wake up" Calls

One Week $200.00

Four Weeks $725.00 ($75 Savings)

"Wake Up" Calls

Many are now sensing a “void” and know that something is amiss; their soul is requesting something more, something bigger, and something more meaningful.


These phone or Zoom calls are meant to assist in bringing your true self back to your awareness. They will also help you to identify your passion


A session is 60 minutes. I am always tuned into you, while we are communicating.  I am led by my Higher Self as to what you need at the time we are speaking.


You may have two “check ins”, via voxer, email or text during the week following our call.  These are at your discretion and I will respond within a few hours at most.

I want to tell you that after 20 plus years of psychotherapy including cognitive behavioral work, analysis, gestalt and solution focused work, my work with you has given me the most peace of mind.  Being a licensed therapist, myself makes it difficult for me to be wholly authentic. For whatever reason I feel that way with you.  It has been an incredible learning and healing journey working with you. You have a magnificent, ancient wisdom that makes your light so very bright. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Much love always,


Soul Profile and Clearing


Soul Profile and Clearing

You will learn where your soul originated, your soul age in human years and your service to creator and training between lifetimes. This information defines why you are who you are and will validate some of your inherent beliefs. Any negative influences that may be restricting you from creating the life you desire will be addressed and cleared. This reading aligns you more precisely with your Soul’s highest path and purpose. 

Property Profile and Clearing

Everything can be located in the Akashic Records. Homes will carry energies of past inhabitants or even of the builders. Sometimes a deceased owner or occupant will continue to stay in a home. They simply need assistance in going to the Other Side. Land carries a specific assignment until a change is requested. A lot of land still carries the assignment of battleground, burial ground, sacred ground, etc. Obviously that is not in the best interest of a housing development or business. So if you are moving into a new home or office or if you are trying to sell a home without much success this reading will be beneficial to everyone involved!!

 Property Profile and Clearing


Reconnecting with Departed Loved Ones


Reconnecting with Departed Loved Ones


 When someone lays their body aside and transition…. they have indeed gone home. Their pure delight upon arrival at this joyous, familiar place is impeded only by the sorrow and misunderstanding of loved ones left behind.

Although fleeting, they feel some frustration that their family and friends do not know that there is no death and that they are still very near to them. I would like to be the connection that gives you comfort and relief in the loss of your loved one.

Life Situation Profile and Clearing

Life Situation Profile and Clearing


Do you want some clarity around a specific situation?  This reading will uncover any negative energy or programs that may not be serving you. Anything of this nature will be cleared.  You will also learn if this situation is in alignment with your Soul’s highest path and purpose.


“Peace Works!” Activation


"Peace Works!" Activation

This work includes a Soul Profile & Clearing, Property Clearing, Life Situation reading, voxer access, and  Ninety minutes of one on one Consulting.  This can be completed over a sixty day period or less.

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