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Peace, Now and Forever

Call To Peace Series

Come One, Come all! This is The call. For Peace on Earth, Sovereignty for all.


The call, happening now, around the globe. Comes on winds of change that carry the code.

Vibrations are high; magic ours for the speaking. Peace, Love, Joy & Abundance, is what all are seeking.

So listen up! Here the Call. Action taken on these words, manifest Paradise for all.


Five Peace Principles

Love first yourself, for we are all one. Self-love swells, to include everyone.

Keep an open mind, and do no harm. These two principles go arm in arm.

The fourth is a challenge, to live in the now. Master this principle, and show others how.

Four leads to five, for now you can hear. Our inner voice of guidance, ever so clear.


These are not empty words, in prose for jest. For peace on earth, is the ultimate quest.

Each of these principles, simple as they seem; command action from you to manifest the dream.

Open your hearts asking, “how do I lead?” For many will be drawn, to your gifts, indeed.

So donn your robes of sovereignty, Queens & Kings you stand! Spread your light & your word creating peace across the land!


Does this call speak to you?

Are you committed to leading your peace mission, but feel blocked or unsure as to what it is?

I may be able to assist you in gaining clarity around your destiny; in birthing your place in this Enterprise of Light. 

It is NOW time to bring the Tribes of Peace together; to take each of our gifts and works to our sisters and brothers, that they, too, can


spread the Word. The Word, World Peace!!


Please e-mail me at to set up a time to talk; a time to decide if you would benefit by working with me. 

Peace Works!!

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