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World Peace Ambassador

I am so excited to launch my membership drive for those who would love to be known as.....and their business’s represented as.....ambassadors of World Peace!

As a member, you will be allowed to display a beautiful Symbol of Light that represents the Peace Movement of this new Earth.  After collaborating with an amazing artist, Karen Haughey, she manifested the art you see on this page. (The Symbol of Light blog on this web site explains the history behind the most recognizable peace symbol in current use. The article explains why we needed to change the energy and uplift a new symbol to signify World Peace.) 


Can you imagine anyone not wanting to do business or be associated with a person/company displaying the Symbol of Light that signifies, "We support and live and do business using the Principles of World Peace."? As this movement races forward, future potential clients will be looking for this symbol on the pages of people with whom they are considering doing business. 

You will also receive an activation that wraps the shroud of the energy of World Peace around you and your business. This increases the vibration of all you do; attracting more abundance into your life.  In addition, I will do at least two Ceremonies during the year and you and your business will be included in those. Ceremony creates activation and activation contains code. 

Members also enjoy an automatic 20% off any of my services!

Your responsibility in all this is to incorporate the Five Principles of Peace into your life and business and to pay a yearly fee of $188.00. The amount is just one more power activation as it indicates new beginnings and abundance!!

I look so forward to building this movement of  World Peace with all of you!!!

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