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of Rabbits and Robins

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

It is spring in this area of NW Colorado. The snow is gone, but the breeze still chilly especially if the sun is not shining. It seems the first greeters of the waking up of Mother Earth out here are the rabbits and robins. We receive messages from nature constantly, so I am paying attention.

Even though it is the time of year for these characters, it is still no accident when we notice them. We are meant to hear the messages they offer.

Rabbits talk to us about fertility and new life. Fertility applies not just to pregnancy, but to any ideas we may be entertaining or the changing of our plans. They talk about our ability to procreate in hops and leaps, instead of step by step.

Robins announce the spread of new growth. You can expect this growth to occur in a variety of areas of your life, not just one. Their song is their power and reflects to you the need to sing your own song in order to grow.

This is just a sample of the information that is provided to us constantly by the Universe through nature. If we begin to pay attention, we realize that we are never alone.

The information I just shared is a condensed version from the book, ANIMAL SPEAK, by Ted Andrews. There are many books available to assist us in becoming familiar with signs; clues that surround us every day. There are books on numbers and their meanings also. Sometimes a song you hear or a conversation you overhear can be a clue or an answer to a challenge or a question.

It is time to open up, be aware and listen! We are living in a time of great change; a time of true magic.


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