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"Wake up Call"

I want to tell you that after 20 plus years of psychotherapy including cognitive behavioral work, analysis, gestalt, and solution focused work, my work with you has given me the most peace of mind.  Being a licensed therapist makes it difficult for me to be wholly authentic. For whatever reason, I feel that way with you.  It has been an incredible learning and healing journey working with you. You have a magnificent, ancient wisdom that makes your light so very bright. Thank you for sharing it with me.



Much love always,



Thank you so much, JoAnn. 

I am processing at such a level that I can't even formulate questions right now. I feel like an underwater volcano emerging.

I am so grateful to you, JoAnn. Thank you so much for your time and your wonderful gift. I do appreciate all that you have done and I look forward to the work we still have to do.

Peace to you,



Hi JoAnn,

What synchronicity!  I reviewed the notes from our most recent phone call, then reread your reading and answers to my questions.  It's all making sense now.  

I'm reminded of a workshop that I went to on Personality Styles years ago.  There was a gal who completely "blanked out" and didn't take notes when her personality style was being discussed.  I think that was what I went through when reading your "reading" the first time.

Now, I believe you've given me MANY insights that I need to act on.  THANK-YOU!!!



I wanted to tell you about my brother, though. Wow, was he ever ready for the help!! I sent his reading to him via express mail just before Christmas. He opened it in front of my mom, so she, of course, gave me details. She said he read through it several times and seemed emotionally overwhelmed, then he just up and left.

The next day, though, he came back over to my mom's and had my mom read through the whole thing and asked her what she thought. It opened up the door to a great conversation about spirituality and family and self-awareness between he and my mom. He also called me to thank me and we talked a bit more about the challenges we each face and the knowledge to be gained by overcoming them. 

My mom was here over the holidays and she said that it's been really wonderful because she said that Mark is so much more like his old self, not cynical and mean, and what's more is that he has been completely sober every time she has seen him since he received his reading. It has truly been the miracle that I have been asking God for since I was a child. Thank you again, JoAnn. You are such a blessing. 



 "My son died in a tragic hiking accident. JoAnn has done 10-12 readings for me all of which have done wonders for me in accepting his death, realizing that his spirit lives on in another realm, form, energy, or whatever, and that life is indeed eternal, only changing form when we leave our bodies. The tone, the words, the way in which they are expressed in these readings are definitely Sean’s way…and JoAnn did not know him well enough nor long enough to express his thoughts that way. Because of this, I am more than convinced that this is indeed Sean talking through JoAnn, Sean indeed giving messages to his loved ones here on earth through JoAnn."


Judy in Golden, CO


Other amazing, exciting news though! My brother announced last night that he is getting married!!! He has gone through such an enormous change since the clearing that you did for him and at last, he is allowing good things into his life. It truly changed everything for him!  



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