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Happy New World!

It has come to my attention in recent conversations that people truly have a hard time “dreaming big”. It is as if we have become so numbed by years of media generated fear that most will “settle” in hopes of being kept “safe”. (As if anyone can keep us safe!)

I do hope that everyone reading this has seen Michael Moore’s latest movie, Capitalism, A Love Story. This isn’t about one political party being better than another. This is about our elected officials being owned by corporate America. In the end it is you and me that have gotten the shaft. I loathe being lied to; on the brighter side, all is being exposed!

Anyone having trouble believing that every woman, man and child on this planet could possibly be the recipient of several million dollars because they can’t imagine that amount of money, please review the amount of money in the bailout and the bonus’s awarded to CEO’s who led their companies into bankruptcy! Not only is the money available, it is backed by gold, making it real! It is true that the Federal Reserve is bankrupt; it is true that the U.S. Treasury is on line to do business immediately. We are walking into a reality where everyone on this planet is safe. Any and all planned scenarios intended to manifest fear have been thwarted. All eyes are to be opened and there is nothing to fear!! We are about to embark on the experience of our time; an event that has never happened globally in our memory; Peace!

So I have been asking people, “What will you do with all this money?” I remind them that everyone is now prosperous and that everyone’s mortgage, car, and credit card debt have been forgiven. This means that you can take helping out the family off your list, even thought that would have been really fun and a feel good experience! They don’t need our help! This is territory that most of us have not dared to explore. Our biggest dream has been to be debt free and have enough to travel a bit and not worry about the next meal during out last years on the planet. This is why “dreaming big” is a stretch for many. This is the path that eventually leads us to our passion and our purpose this lifetime. As soon as we have exhausted the basic material spending such as upgrades in housing, vehicles, furnishings, etc. (nothing wrong with any of this, by the way), then we truly start to look at what is important to us. What do we love to do every day; what gives us a sense of joy, satisfaction, fullness, and a feeling that we are making a difference? If you knew that you would wake up in the morning excited to do something that you loved, what would that something be?

Personally, diversity is very important to me. I don’t think I want all my focus on one thing. I want plenty of “me” time to read, write and enjoy a latte’; a hike, a swim, a massage, a yoga class; I could go on and on. But……I also want to make a difference. I suspect my contribution may be in the area of creating communities that include, but are by no means limited to, providing opportunity for special needs children. These communities also provide a location for people to pursue their “passions” as part of a society. If you have read my previous blogs, you already have had a taste of my dreaming big!

Our thoughts play a tremendous role in our reality. We have all chosen to be on this planet at this exciting time of change. It takes a bit of bravery to “dream big”, especially if you are older than twelve; and have had years of conditioning as to your limitations. I encourage you to step up and dare to think about what you would really love your life to look like; focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. It takes practice, but there is no better time than right this minute. I assure you that great, positive, peaceful change is happening even as you read this. Your greatest dreams are now manifesting as your true reality!

Happy New World!!


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