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Moving Forward

I was speaking to a client and friend today about the fear of taking the first step into something brand new.  Fear being the key word as it isn’t like it is hard in a physical way; it is the mental and emotional piece that can hold us back.

When we step into the unknown and into what scares us, the general reaction when it is said and done is, “Why did I wait so long? And also, “Well, that wasn’t so bad!”  The sky simply doesn’t fall!!  By taking that first step, we allow the Universe to jump in and support us; we allow synchronicities to manifest; things start getting exciting!

I launched my membership drive today for those who are interested in being part of a World Peace Movement.  Sounds big and has had me thinking more than once, “who am I to do this?”  I received the answer, “Who else?  It doesn’t seem that loads of people are selling this product, does it?”  That must be because people don’t consider it a possibility.  Isn’t that sad?  We are so powerful and as a collective, even more so.  But a lot of us think we have no power.  It is no accident that so many feel that way; it has been done to us on purpose and the result is that we have given our power away to FEAR.

Today is a new day!  Take a step away from fear; dare to dream.  Start by becoming a World Peace Ambassador.  Think how it would feel to shop in places that display the World Peace Emblem, telling you that they run their businesses and treat their employees according to the Peace Principles.   I see Day Cares, Private Schools, Sports Teams, Coffee Shops, etc displaying the World Peace Icon!

Jump on the bandwagon for Peace!!


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