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Peace is Everywhere!

I think we forget to actually be aware of how much peacefulness is present all the time. How do we miss this? We have a tendency to focus on the drama; that which doesn't feel peaceful! It is habit; a habit that does not serve us.

For example, we wake up in the morning in our comfortable bed, shower with warm water, and wonder to the kitchen for coffee, tea and /or breakfast. All this without even thinking about it. In fact, we may be thinking about the problems we may (or may not) encounter at work today or an errand we are dreading. So instead of being in the moment and expressing gratitude for all the peace and good in our lives, we focus on what we really don't want.

What if...................we were to give thanks for the absolute best day ever and that the errand actually opens new doors that we did not expect!

What if...................we focused on what we would like our experiences to be instead of what we didn't want to experience?

One week; what if we focused on this type of thought for only a week? Can you do that? It will open doors that you didn't believe could be opened. You will experience the PEACE that is always present; simply waiting for you to notice!!

I promise you that Peace Works!!!


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