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Nov.1, 2018

I am sitting at the counter of a friend’s house in Frisco, CO, watching the snow as it lazily floats through the air. The fireplace is lit and I am warm, comfortable and grateful as I write this blog.

I truly believe that most people simply want freedom, comfort, abundance of nutritious food and fresh water along with community and purpose. This is what peace looks like.

I witnessed something this past week that demonstrated how lack of respect and tolerance of each other’s beliefs leads to pain and anger, not peace. We do not have to all agree on every subject in order to be civil and compassionate to each other. We are not required to “hang out” with those who‘s ideas or actions don’t resonate with us. It is perfectly acceptable to bless someone and walk away. We are not serving ourselves or others when we criticize and judge a belief that doesn’t fall in line with our own.

I am very comfortable in my beliefs; that is not to say that I am stuck there. I learn new, amazing things on a daily basis. Nothing is set in stone other than Love…. for that is all that is.

It is imperative that we all practice more tolerance and love. There are many different ways to get to the same destination. No one has the keys to the “only way”.

Peace is happening as I write this! It is more evident when you shut down the noisy, fear-filled media, and pay attention to your real thoughts. You will see a lot more peace and a lot less fear when you spend time making small differences in others lives; offering random acts of kindness, and practicing the art of gratitude.

Peace Works!!


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