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So what does Peace look like?

I am re-posting this blog as it is as true as the day in 2009 that I wrote it!


One thing is for certain; there will be loads of laughter!!!

In the first place, technology that has been hidden from us and additional technology introduced by our Galactic family will cleanse and purify our air, water, and food supply. Can you see the ramifications of this; everything changes! Disease will disappear; think respiratory ailments initially. Everybody will notice a difference in how they feel; energy returns along with youthfulness. We will walk more lightly upon our Mother Earth as our rate of vibration will have accelerated. The soil will return to its natural nutritious state; free of chemicals. Now we can grow truly nutritious food! So once again; what now? What does living in Peace mean?

I suspect that it means living your perfect day over and over again without ever being bored. Understanding that it may be difficult to wrap yourselves around the prospect of real peace, perhaps you could simply pretend for a little while. Let’s face it; the concept is not all that familiar. It certainly hasn’t been the highlight of any of our daily news media!

There are as many dreams of the perfect world as there are people dreaming them and every single one is possible. If you can imagine it, you can live it. I’ll be sharing mine with you soon!

To get to your dream consider this; you have an abundance of money, great health and all the material stuff you want. Now what is your passion? What is it you have always wanted to do but just couldn’t because you were trying to earn a living? Do you love farming, construction, coaching little league, teaching, design, inventing, history, travel, consulting, cooking, sports, dancing, etc? Whatever your passion or passions may be, that is why you initially came to this planet. Peace is within our reach; now is the time to start dreaming and planning!

Even if you cannot quite buy into the fact that you are about to experience peace, I challenge you to dare to dream anyway!! You will be pleasantly surprised.

My dream, also referred to as my immediate future, has gone by the name The Peaceability Project for years. Now I am thinking that the word project sounds too third dimensional reflecting work in progress; this is fun in progress! So, for now the new name of this community is Peaceable. Peaceable is a community of like-minded but unique individuals who have come together to enhance the planet and the Universe while pursuing their specific passions. These will include, but not be limited to art, teaching, farming, cooking, cleaning, care of animals, carpentry, landscaping, painting, etc. Of course, there is a good deal of acreage here. All buildings will be environmentally sound. I immediately think straw bale, but I think that we are behind the times on building materials and will be updated on new earth and people friendly technology. Those who love any aspect of building…….. design, planning, or hands on construction will be right at home here. We will want a community center with store fronts,(this must include a bakery and coffee shop!) learning centers, art centers, baseball and sports fields, meditation areas, play areas and a variety of homes that will suit the uniqueness of everyone that calls Peaceable home.

All energy is provided by the latest in environmentally sound technology; meaning no harm to us and no harm to our planet. Peaceable will need those whose passion and expertise is in this field. Existing trees and plants will need to be tended, new nurseries created so to have a never-ending supply. Those who love to garden will keep the community in food and flowers! And those whose passion is cooking will have the ultimate in ingredients to create their masterpieces.

There will be land to farm and new ways of farming. Animals must have pasture land and hay. The joy of starting fresh, honoring the earth and ourselves is contagious and overwhelming!! We will all be true stewards of this planet.

My next posting will go into more detail as to the creation of Peaceable. I would love comments and ideas from you!

A reminder; great change is in the air as public announcements are imminent. Anything to be feared has already happened. Now we are going to know the truth and there is NOTHING to fear. Life is about to be very, very good!


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