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The Power of Light!

I think that when we hear phrases like, “sending prayers, wrapping you in Light, blessings to you”, that we have forgotten the power behind them. I am speaking, of course, to the phrases that are backed by actual action from the one sending the words.

We have, as a collective, been brain-washed to think power lies with the professionals; the doctor, lawyer, priest, etc. It is no accident that many are oblivious to the power within themselves.

Light and Love are basically one and the same. When we are faced with challenges in our lives, be it our own personal ones or those of loved ones, worry accentuates the problem and grows the heavy energy around the situation. The process of truly letting go and letting God, holds power beyond any other. Wrapping our loved ones and ourselves in bubbles of Light creates a vibrant, healing energy that is positive.

I used to send my little granddaughter and her friends to school with instructions to “put on their violet bubbles” so to have a fun-filled, good day.

I challenge you all to give Light a chance over worry. You will love the results. Working with the Light is all about using your imagination. There are no limits. I hold our entire Mother Earth in the Light along with World Peace.

The Light is ours to share!

We are NOT the power; we do HOLD the power and we are here to USE the power.

Peace and Love to all!


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