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Wisdom Keepers…..Wake Up!

I wrote an earlier blog re; my feelings on being invisible after attaining a certain age.  The responses to that particular post and the one I just posted called, The Last Chapter, issued the beginnings of a “knowing”.   After a session with a wonderful woman this morning and an activation around the Peace work that I and many others are pursuing, it is now a “clear knowing”.

I have complained for a while that there is no respect for the elderly in this country.  It is as if they do, indeed, disappear.  They are not listened to and are often shoved out of the way, and deemed useless.

This is the glorious time in which the elderly make a choice. There is no wrong choice. We each follow the preset agenda we engineered before incarnating..   There are two basic descriptions of elderly.  One is truly an illusion that has manifested because we have been hammered by the media, doctors, etc. as to what getting older means.   The second description is all around the new life force, awakening to the reason you came here.  The higher agenda requires us to break the illusion of aging and death and regain our life force.   Our biology can be changed as we start recognizing and carrying the Light that is being lavished onto this planet right now. The book has been closed to the destructive outcomes of polarity.  A new book is now opened. This new book is opening in many of your hearts this very moment.  Get still and allow yourself to feel, smell, and recognize the peace in your heart!!

The wisdom keepers are being called out to assist in ushering in World Peace.  NOW is the time!


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